Saturday, 6 February 2016


He had wrapped himself from head to toe in tinfoil and removed his fillings – holes for eyes and mouth, pupils pin pricks. One bedroom flat, entirely covered in tinfoil, between his head a constant orchestra of voices, a high pitched hiss – static. The room was periodically lit up 24/7 bright as day - blue flare strobing blasts of high frequency electricity through the air, a huge antenna on his foiled head. Absorbing all cathartic investigation into the blackened reiteration of psychic institutions, in short it worked. He had developed a whole host of involuntary ticks that chinked his foil – duct taping followed. As well as control of a 'Remote Con', used for manipulation Spiders, insects, riddled with them. Insects, literally to the brim of the bath – mechanical Spiders. Spending day after day - enlarged eye-glass inspection. Riddled. Cut-adrift, deafening one-dimensionality, he rolls eyes to heaven. A noxious insecticide gas he pumps cause nose bleed, stifled lungs, unconscious now he slides to the tiles, cocoons himself in foil. tinfoil mouth hole, shit, urine issue - mop and bucket - clean up. Then collapses a – cluster migraine, massive cardiac arrest follow - killing him, insects vanish.  

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