Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Dribbling candles illuminate Rocco decaying walls bleed spores with pink ornate, exquisite. Calligraphy scribbling black-blood upon an endless roll of unfurling manuscript, writing delirious, venereal fermentations - divine rank, rotten grapes and rancid tangerines oranges-black pulp bursting – haemorrhaging forth streams of blackened sore wine.
An obscenely obese quivering shadow danced on the wall. As furling rolls of yellow tissue paper, scribed as a goose feather fluttered, a cosmos - of syphilitic specks ink inscription, inscribed black - words in a perverse order.
Turds, piss and sperm, choking dogs, the whores tales - Coprophagous repeats consume excrete and eat obsessively repeats, time table arranged for the pigs, bloodshed - repeats pale white candle twitterers down to forms a wax-cake. A ripe sweat rotting pores excrete. Claret drank, pink Bom Boms – sucked to tiny white stones. Rich meat fill his pinky white digestive tract now infested, parasitic worm. Uprooted fungi, musk putrid puke, black faeces like truffles ingrown and rich - soil milk white - “Une Saison en Enfer”.
Projectile liquid shit ... A sense of danger crept over him, so terror he dug out a cavity in the damp wall now a crumbling plaster concealing the scroll. The recess veiled with slimy pink flowery wallpaper. So precious the work, vulnerable he sat. Tears of blood weeping, in a delirium slumber soon the Sunshine raised projecting prison bars cast – entombing him till dusk, guillotined-conscious-heads-rolled. He woke to piss, before he prepared his pens, nibs and quills. His ideas took form and his prick took hold, needle tight tract pumps reproductive mucus piteously.
Lice leaped, fleas spawned in a thick white froth.
The manuscript was alive forming thought - chapters, cycles, systems somatic semantics - pumping blood, fleshing out organs ceasing in fine drafting, finally formulating the Passions – murder - torture followed.
Quickly depositing “Sodom” within the cell wall. Prisoners clashed and soldiers responded with brute force, inflaming his tongue with a reptilian flicker, "Killing, they're Killing prisoners, innocent men! Storm the castle!" The Bastille was lit at last! From French Revolution to Citizen Sade, wept blood … Lost, Lost forever or not … 1904 Dr. Bloch …

Berlin psychiatrist Iwan Bloch (who used a pseudonym, "Dr. Eugen Dühren" to avoid controversy). It was not until the latter half of the 20th century that it became more widely available in countries such as United Kingdom, the United States and France. The original is located in the Musée des Lettres et Manuscrits, Paris, France” ... Les 120 Journées de Sodome ou l'école du libertinage … Krafft-Ebing – Sade – Sadism. Alas. 

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