Saturday, 6 February 2016


sacred Lord the One formed in radical solitude secularization psyche via psychoanalysis – poly-schizo-morbity pathologised by the tight super-unity of the id ego & superego – Father Son & the Holy Ghost One...Two...Three this was Moon's mantra he stepped into his bleach bath to cleanse himself he jerked of in the bath over nothing special the spunk seeped out in a fine skim of slimy silk worms washed away pulling the plug & dried his burning greasing body he focused on the vortex of water while he repeated mentally his mantra One...Two...Three dry he now set to the exhausting ritual of scrubbing his teeth, which he did everyday for and hour exactly gums raw as sushi he spat out wad of pink froth next he dressed mental rituals still running consciously...always next black coffee how he adored this common joy along with a line of amphetamine up lifing his obsessional neurotic nature he headed to his study to write he sensed nervously a slight sense of well being (this being uncommon) naturally put it down to the speed....couple hours later writing he got up for a shit after which he ritually showered while whispering under his breath One...Two...Three...

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