Monday, 8 February 2016


Panic-stricken sliding beneath my skin like sleek needles beneath the flesh. Hands rattling, eyes bloodshot, skin a greenish yellow – liver emerald green. He gulped a mouthful of Vodka just to see straight, he crawled out if his pit, he had pissed the bed, but a shower was out of the question – his skin was to sensitive to water the thought gave him a skin crawling sensation. He pissed out along brown stream into the steaming bowl then flushes. Then suddenly starting vomiting and shitting himself. Like a punch to the liver he hits the tiled floors covered in rank fluids...This was a new low – rock bottom, he got up searching for something to drink, he found a bottle of Turpentine and rabidly downed the bottle, suddenly he collapsed again before projectile vomiting phosphorus green sick everywhere, falling into a deep delirium – 'Toxicity homo sapiens rigorous calculate industrial pollution from unnatural evolution of the alcoholic human waste deaddeaddeaddead,' he droned, before a rapid spine snapping skull rupturing convulsion finished him off.

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