Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Repetitions, contradictions, emissions

The progressive slime of pleasure,

Immoral omissions, a failed endeavour.

Intoxicated interpretations,

Misunderstood: Enigma undertook.

Scrap-metal, cut him up - raw portent.

Cut-up – cut-him down – consumptive

Drained cell. A needle neat, luxuriant,

The impaled butterfly. A cracked shell.

Blah! Blah! Blah! … Oh fucking hell … well-read

Immature - neurotic - little mama's boy...

Self pity reeks; self-absorbed my miscommunication,

Guilt restored. – No “That is not what I meant, at all”.

Mama's boy, eh? – Love & other observations. 

I thought I would look back & laugh. I did.

Siblings severed ... How silly it all is, eh?

We play pool & talked for a bit, somewhat unrestrained.

'Touch' - 'Safe', a smile - your name? He rose & fell

On that dotted line … his document denied.

Distorted, unreal an 'Isolated incident'.

'Section 9' Insipid colours - calm you down - or be denied.

Mohammed: He was there for life, or so he said.

He wasn't.

Black Jack, Solitaire & other card games

Followed. Mo: he kept me sane. Others too.

A Buddhist, a Muslim, a Sikh, a Christian too.

Turn that fuckin' TV down, I tutted,

A Nietzschean bearded geriatric muttered

something mad, as he strolled by.

Try playing 'Jenga', with a man with dementia, we laughed.

Tricky. Chess. Checkmate … he's sharper than you think.

The new year, rendering their certificate: Obsolete.


  1. Resonant of One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest- some bitter humour- hopefully your nurse was not a Rattchet, a sharp little hatchet job on sentimentality.

  2. I found myself a voluntary patient - I was given a choice - volunteer or we'll section you. You can leave any time, just not now. I was under observation - scrutiny more like. I met some interesting people, but mainly sad people. There really weren't to many laughs in that crumbling Victorian loony bin. The people were like islands - an archipelago of lonely people. It struck me that happy people are by definition sane. That being said I remember them all with great affection. Your piece (very well written) touched those memories and I thank you.

    1. "volunteer or we'll section you." haha yes same here a couple of times ..but probably for the best. Thanks John glad you liked