Wednesday, 3 April 2013


do you like men or women?

i’m ambivalent myself.

i consists of buried memories,

fears & desires, like You.

grinning a granite smile, 

germination, there obscure attention splayed.

i can't even get arrested, only

escorted away. swallowing

my sake. time passes nothing more.

the significance diminished -

rendered with ironic splendor;

home is where the … as always. again.

caked in blood. i wait in a waiting-room. & yet

the garbage they watch doesn’t make them

sick … i'm shivering by the roadside -

now. A horse in a field, it's scarcely alive.

i want to cry. i walk. he doesn't look up.

my tether is severed, i lost the ending long ago,

yes resentful. i am. in a figure -

eight i walk passing the same church twice.

the nativity cut-out. another-

mile. a poem will emerge no doubt this way,

i think, what where i want: bed, xanax, her.

i will tell Her this; we will look back & laugh.

covered in mud … horse shit literally up to my
elbows. one must laugh? … but i can't. not now, not yet.


  1. She's IS here and she loves this poem very much.
    ... can't look back and laugh, still cry when I think about it....