Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Lazy Indulgent Decadent

Like a green giant wrapping itself in black-blue licorice and farting, an aniseed scent filled the air. -'One can not help ones decadence one must camp ones self up once in a while.' He minced smarty, sipping his pink swirly straw he sucked up viridian liquor alone. Dressed in purple lined seed slacks off set with an amber poncho - Ice white socks with baby pink strips. Hat: Bowler with navy tassel tadpole shaped. Tash quiff in a dodgem arch. Hair quiff of course.
He strode in a zigzag to make breakfast.... -'Spontaneous combustion if I leave it be..starvation..size zero..I desire an arse for - The New Trend..they jump like fucking Jesus these days.' he lisped. Unwrapping a large green capillary slug, he slapped it down onto the black granite kitchen chop-top peppering it in lime peal salt pepper; preparation prepared with the drunken precision of a Buddhist monk. He sliced a sliver for his pet lizard Henri. It toddled of with the meat in it's mouth dumb but delighted delicious deranged, cute but cautious it disappeared for the day.
Running a razor through the slug a bloom of yellow innards issued out, he extracted a mass of pulp gloop placing it in an apricot bowl filled with ice water and shards of diced lemon for later. The Kryptonite-green blood ran through the gulley into the sink. Hands washed also. Two quartz cut smeared with sticking bishop and blue vein cheese before placing them under the grill. Sifting the guts he poured in one measure of Imperial vodka, and two glugs of sugar-daddy black papa rum. Filling a tall or longish glass sundae style with 'Impish grey green' - remains he discarded in the bin.
Bloated crisp but oozing goo raw center blue..The slices left to stand. French baguette buttered with goose fat - flowers roughly dashed. The meat placed on a plate of diamond white porcelain china.

The swine sat and sank, and began his favorite meal. The time vomited 4:AM. He eat With relish as he slumped back into his toad skin sofa again sucking his swirly straw while shoveling forkfuls of Angus Green Gastropod-toddy into his mouth – licking his thin lips with a reptilian tongue.
His brain ran against the impenetrable beauty of taste. His nano enhanced digestive tract sucking soundlessly. Now discarding the palace white fork he scooped his fingers under mush now pea green with time. Spiting out the sodden pith into nano-glass spit bowl...I say nano entirely nano his friends nano, his house nano, his soul nano - 'Where all nano now.' He nounced.
 Polishing off his china white, and popping a chocolate lime sweetie in his gob, sucked temptation crushed – glass like shards of re-re-refined sugar and chocolate dissolved on his palate...Are Decadent now full and lank... returned to his boudoir for virtual BDSM -Viral safe-sex and sordid - absinthe too. He turned the time back to 3:AM.

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