Saturday, 29 June 2013

Prescription Punk

The famous Dr. Gooch on Karsonn Park Avenue, was a son of bitch – a son of a cunt. The child of the eminent Doctor Benway, or so he said. I sat stable before him before agreeing on another diagnosis, a mixed depression - anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder- blah blah bi-poler between moods schizo DISORDER. Once again pills prescribed as followed: Citalopram, Paroxetine, Sertraline, Venafaxine and of course - Fluoxtine etc. Schizophrenic paranoiac persecution - personalty dementia pre flex- Disassociation depersonalisation disorder - all disorders of course...pills prescribed as followed:Chlorpromazine Thioriazine, Mesoridazide, Levomepromazine, Loxapine, Lithane, Lithobid.. sacred Valium, many more pams - anyway I sat a listened, bored. For neurotic narcissistic psychotic compulsive pathology as followed: Bifeprunox, Pimavanserin, Vabicaserin, the latter new to me. He lisped off these made up words dull face grey bureaucratic stranger insecticide eyes, I was in my usual acrimonious mood as I sat and nodded - thanking you free health care. I'll take your pills and scripts advice and labels from the bargain basement. Smile polity to the chemist - I will be home for 10AM to run a bath and bathe - check my status: 'Personalty disorder'.

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