Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Obsessive Complications 3

Curiously searching. Forty-eight hours, tapping keys, insectile fingers. Scolding black coffee. Dwell. Germs and faecal opinions, toad-like thinking reptilian thoughts. Gormless avatar's - painted clowns. Creep gestures. I crack. Rickets? Exchanging genitals online. It's only you. Deplorable habit. Bed. A perverted love story, me, and only me. "Albino Iguana"..."You syphilitic cunt." Have you seen me when I'm absolutely calm? And cackling like a Hyena. We twatted away. Sharper tongue than you. You get older, you stay the same. A crooked smile withers. Bury truth, excavate later. Watch the lot come up, that old bag of bones, same slight shame, a self-shate thread. Signifiers stare. Me and only me … A nuisance I have grown to like. A voice whose timing, lacks rigor, and sarcasm leaks. So I restate my assumptions. Me and only me. Information tendrils sting, a loose web weaved. All elaborate systems will fossilize. 

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