Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Obsessive Complications 1

Flick it, on/off - repeat - on/off – on/off – on/off. I repeat: in my mind - out loud as follows ...“Here, Now in time & space - one two Three!”. Bathroom stark white - light flicking it's last. A glug of thick yellow fluid, slime, snail trails sinks in clear water, settling upon the bottom of the bath. Hot steaming pale water. I dip my toe in, foot follows, arse, back, shoulders, knees & toes – lobster pink – complete submersion. A boiled egg. Closed eyes & sink then emerge then float for an hour. Disinfected, ceremoniously cleansed, pull the plug. Pleasantly scolded. Drenched, leaking water above the brim, as a whirlpool forms. … Bleached dioxide white, stinging, noxious fumes, rise. Bacteria, germs & grime banished. ... Germs/displacement, for what? or why? … I have my suspicions. Cold rinse, precooked decapod crimson. My mirror image a steaming, bloated pink blurred smear. I step out into a blue towel. Avoiding my reflection, as I dress & leave, baptist obsessive, reciting my motto: “Here, Now in time & space - one two Three!” … stuttering out my mantra.

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