Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Detached he stares into the bathroom mirror, luminous light - blue eyes, boringly handsome, astucious, expensive – Armani tie falls to the floor. “Appearance” he whispered. Flat-footed - re-branded old spice ad - oblivious. Unbuttoning a Hugo Boss shirt - waxed chest lightly tanned, superior specimen - homo-erectile - or was it erectus? No matter, it measured good. High quality Calvin Klein. He opened the mirror, a Remington straight razor extracted.

Unattached - cleanshaven. His refection reappears - vacuous. Filling the sink before him; he begins to remove his face...Flicking the blade across his forehead, not a sound – blood streams. Earlier he had prepared himself; injecting his head multiple times - liked areas outlined - Numb anesthetic. Straightening himself up he grips his scalp - yanking back in one long tear, plopping it in the sink – where it floated like a hairy soup-skin.

Blood loss manageable - excess soaked up with towels - washing away routinely. Surgical composer clinical. Excising two circles of skin from both cheeks, before running the blade down the center of his face with surgeon like efficiency, dropping the razor. He takes hold of two flaps of skin on the apex of his nose and pulls apart - peeling away easily. His head glistened grotesquely.

Quickly picking apart the facial muscles, flecking the mirror with gore. His face a  flaccid mask, floating in the sink with his scalp. Incandescent under a bluish bulb - exposed skull, severed tendons, slivers of muscular tissue. He managed a grin; all teeth and bone – before collapsing from massive blood loss.

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