Thursday, 22 December 2016

Detox: Part 2

Morbid desire. Leucotomy pissed, walls crawling with lice and phosphorescence spiders, specks of delirium, a life liquidated. Aching viscus a preserved but empty spirit dying - liver secreting neon green bile. Foul formation, streaked with slimy shit. Creaking floorboards underfoot, twisting spiralling inward contortions, memories perverse - filthy festering in the toilet bowl, steaming shithole filth fauna, puking … third hour in. Brain-pan, sunken entangled infliction. Voices. Small cartoon pink elephant's float like children's balloons, condition rancid. Steaming rank - worse than shit. Dry retch pungent odour of sulphur. Weeping, muttering, forgiveness. Please. Saw-toothed - spit, lustrous brown sponge-like lungs expire, a saccharine vapour. Encephalopathy follows, greenish vomit. Maggot riddled bowls, withdrawal fierce – merciless. Pale plants decomposed in fast-forward. Ingrowing neurosis malady endless ... sleep just a seep – boil on neck swelling- secreting … raped chatter, internal - eternal – extreme screams … Fermented manure – brown-yellow piss excrete. Skin pimpled goose flesh – yellow. Eyes yellow vessels burst blood-shot, leaking toxic tears, pale slime snot issued out in streams. The floorboards covered in a skim of greying glutinous mucus – kneeling praying … spitting … swearing … sneezing out filth. Clotting black blood, incessant and hysterical still more screaming, congealing toxic slurry surging liquid shit. Choking up intestinal tissue, pinkish white tripe - marrow excretion, fragmentation thoughts fermenting fragrant rancid, phlegm luminous green. Pernicious warped words issue out!   

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