Thursday, 24 March 2016

Cut-Up: Calculating Cultural Waste

Goose-stepping municipal waste into the ground, the mechanism driven by pressing currents of sexual excitation uncontrolled forces minds driven mad men women screaming in the straitjackets brains bashed by batons pink matter seeps from cracked skulls rose pink however fragmentary the souls deserved reshaping hard machines deliver shocking murders cracking Christian skulls in two, explosive heads bursting into pink petals blue veins immaculate shards of Ketamin cutting through liver-less species laughing hysterically cured tuberculoid freaks out of style you will enjoy your lifeless brute roughly comparable stages in all children 'Social Monster' but Jesus said it is imposable for a rich man to be good -  multisecular  stability - primeval slime languages should fail.

Cracking skulls causing matter to splatter but they each assign to such terminal string unrestricted rewriting symptoms I feel old, old or even older ancient worship of the Golden Calf, Geraniums grow and grow they pre-existed from time immaculate humiliation mutilation maximum overdrive.

Dimensions old bloated space rocket white with purple tip, fractured day broken looking glass as Alice shatters into a thousand pieces tiny white spiders consumed eyes. Nymphomaniac obnoxious obscene motherfuckers! Who fuck up you, me anyone, hung smoked umbilical-cords, deep fried liver, cured meat man slaughter, a bit of Irish soil blood and vomit mandrake root screams as its pulled free from the soil, green buds burn, turd! Needle passed through a camels eye ,cut-up, cut-down, cut it the fuck up!

America interrupted Yahweh Live TV News to announce the tragic transmission-loss resulting in bacterially exhausted natives, who are not convinced with white fanged hissing of the million strong Proteansisssisyphean movement, vivid colours are contrasted against mottled hues lending a kinetic sublime vibrancy to a tiny asylum cell, compulsive urge of the oil painter expresses the primal destiny latent in the medium, plus to comprehend the psychological layering we must peel back the membranes to observe the axiomatic complexities of the male subjects perverse anatomy.

Absent placenta, umbilical cord – dried and cured, the botched second coming was inevitable,
'I prefer not to understand what is going on around me, making it easier to impose my own subjective image upon the external world.', it said with pain, isolation, hate.

The Lumpen-Intelligentsia had its position set firmly in the form of physical
hostility towards the 'Neurology Advancement' departments, waves of cluster migraines plus
bending of antenna-aerials causing optimum irritation of its central nervous system seldom ceased,
beads on the abacus of our calculations is the way of the manipulator, sliding minds into evermore endless algebra of stupidity, time, space – neither life nor death is the solution.

Psycho-physiologically polymorphous multi-formed men and women preside the invisible hierarchies of inner physics, amphetamine is used for hyper-stimulating the psychosexual – scatological primal slime of the higher hierarchies, who push forth in their ceaseless pursuit in constructing some labyrinth from within that can contain Horus, and experiment upon his eye in the pursuit of maximum surveillance of the population.

Unreal man'ipulator, mottled bovine skull, meat puppets plucked postures, sleep starve citizens of transsexual secret solicit society's. Children smoke white dragons tin silver flutes. Polymorphous perverted men – women vomit.