Sunday, 31 January 2016


The currents passed through my head with such slapstick silence I awoke in a haze of agony, white agony, the doctors seem a little unconcerned at my burned out sockets, at this point I pass out, later I was awakened by a man shaking my shoulder. Before dragging me by my feet from my bed,
placing me in purgatory – not unlike a place from your nightmare – the place was full of deformed waiting freaks, me included. My mind descended into a subterranean maze. My body literally translucent, the dead watched with fascination as they beat – pump. My arteries clearly visible a damned man remark on how I resemble a piece Blue Stilton....I thanked his as I waited. I felt ill at ease with all these dead things around me. I would gladly died at home. The room I was in now was entirely decked out with yellow brick, the occupants – all pale paper thin skin, a dwarf and a gaggle of female poisoned flowers, and the staring dead – damned for Hell, but not a bad bunch. Could all be much worse, this Hell.

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