Friday, 6 November 2015

A se tordre

Truth and the lie, the rule and the sin, he might just sin, he must just grin then begin with sin indulge unbroken self absorbed. With his lonely lust laughter renews in roars splitting sides, but leaves one unnerved dissolving into confusion...Confused he rapidly grew old, pain followed sweet bitterness followed a taste and sensation of fornicating corpses, it lingered for about an hour.

I listened intently to my body rot. I had also forgot how humble and inhuman God was, this lifted my spirits momently lifted, for reasons unknown. “all the blood rushed to my head...the only place it does rush to these days”, I whispered. I was sure I could see the pearly gates, lifting the white vial in unison with my closing eyes. The vision: A white bearded male enthroned, only his profile was what

I saw, half his face out of sight.

Delirium naturally followed – General Christ Mohammed eyeless winked begging his pity and indulgence holding his chalice up to the Moon God, he sighed, before he spat out the following: “SHALOM AND SIEG HEIL!”, the Moon God cringed and a crater emerged the round deity deflated like black beach-ball in silence, the Lunacy vanished. Feeling quite uplifted now.

I now sit seated in the centre of my room on a golden throne, where I uttered “Why is there something instead of nothing?” laughter followed as he wiped his arse and pulled the chain a vortex removed the contents of the throne's basin - where it was banished into That netherworld.
His long sickness lifted from his soul that was located in his gut. But then boredom fell upon his mind and boredom followed boredom followed boredom followed boredom followed boredom ad- infinitum.

He prayed to return to his sickness, pain his splitting sides and blissful Purgatory. Ah! no he had not passed the pearly gates, yet smelled no burning sulphur of Hell Fire either. Suddenly a superior revolt of the mind overcome him restoring his beloved delirium, his sweat dripped like honey his prayer was answered. His retching metamorphosed to laughter.   

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