Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Arm

He was full time junkie, and just recently his arm where he had been injecting had bloated and developed a whole host of involuntary ticks and twitches, it was smelling pretty rank too. Most of the veins had collapsed and the hair had fallen out. The upper arm was covered in tiny lesions that ran thin track lines from each one, running to the lower arm where a huge deep greenish hole issued out a thin skim of greenish rust. The whole hand had solidified into a tightening fist over night.
Yes copper and copper was a seller and the arm severable, it had lost it nerve endings weeks ago. He took hold of a hacksaw and began sawing his arm off from shoulder assuming the copper would spread to the upper arm once removed. The saw teeth bit through the raw flesh, and as expected the copper indeed spread fast as the dead arm pulled away with a slight tingling sensation, almost at once the copper like rash spread and thickened covering over with a green shimmer making the arm a heavy and tidy sum. Keeping him in smack for a week at least. He bandaged the stump up well with minimal blood loss, much of it had congealed. The amputated arm now was a mass of almost pure copper which was ready and waiting to be exchanged for cash this coming Friday, when he made his visit to the scrapyard. And the arm had fully solidified.

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