Saturday, 7 September 2013


He thumbed the pages of PiHKAL, while slurping a sugar-puff shandy. Glass test tubes simmered about him, Bunsen burners on a low heat bubbling up breakfast lucid-hydrochloride-meth-amphetamine. He filled his bowl with Rice Crispy's and pour over the warm milky meth making it snap crackle and pop. With a large sliver spoon he scooped crackling pulpy mass up - then shovelled into his toothless mouth. Cracked lips his face seeps covered in white pimples, his pupil had at this point burst like a blister filling the socket with ink, a bubble emerging popping like a black yolk - ink ran down his face - as he blew smoke from his nostrils. And pounded his skull with his spoon - in an indescribable - euphoric - fashion. His cock - protruded like a broom handle - with expert precision he stuck his penis with a syringe plunger and plunged - Ketamine through his riddled system.
He woke 3 days later, emerging from a recess he had punched in the wall. Plaster drywall and Sugar Puffs covered him, his penis had swelled to a gross ten pound dollop of pulped rotting meat. He lit his glass pipe and calmly decided to continue his breakfast.

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