Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Breakfast 3

Uppers, downers, jellies micro dots - tryptamine, green, red capsules dissolved - chubby ring round Cheerios floating in multi-coloured full fat milk. E, C and AMT pellets frothing up the bulk of his breakfast cereal he sat slurping - gobbling up his concoction, forcing down - bitter sour curdled milk - cauldron stew. He scooped up large piles of pulped chemicals, slowly slowly swallowing.
Five minutes later - his stomach rolled! And he lifted mentally like a NASA launch - pissing and shitting himself simultaneously, he sat in his own filth - foaming at the mouth.
Pupils huge rushing like a bastard as he muttered, his forehead pimpled with beads of sweat. Turning literally green as a jolly giant before his body went slack, he slumped forward face first into the bowl of toxic brew, foam gradually gathered around his head, unconsciousness he remained in his bowl for the remaining day.

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