Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Short Sketch

The sunlight is golden through dust covering the windows. Glare afraid 5 AM.
Awoke from a nightmare, it still clung to me as I dressed.
Last night I had drank a bottle of Keppel & Morphine, I found in a draw, and sipped as I watched Spanish hardcore porn amazed this shit was viewable at 2 AM, as my parents slept in the next room, it was stifling hot too.
I stepped out into a warm breeze sea salt intoxication fill my lungs. My skin itched pleasantly. Beach deserted, blue waves rolled to foam around my bare feet.
I walked, felt happy alone on this deserted stretch under a rising sun the dream dissolved away, well being, slight euphoria.
Clouds white scribbled crayon softened neon blue melting into the sea, long rolls of sea, sand sweet smelling listening to a hush in my head I set back sleepwalking the sun now risen.

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