Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Word

Spit out a syllable.
Forge out a system,
In signs Carve it up,
Ciphered sense a phrase.

Starve for a sentence.

If needs be. Not literally,
No anorexic romantic
Slightly bloated maybe?
Trim the fat exercise the syntax.

Callow youth malignant
Eyes, rejections
Abjection's accepted
Misguided perceptions.
Rhyme.. If you want...
Is that the last?

Insecurity will know no-bounds.

Success abscess a fate worse than
Death. Death of the author Roland said.
Then a laundry truck struck him dead.

Failing will fail you.
The ego inflates – deflates
And wheezes away
Like a punched lung.
Obsessive Structure