Sunday, 17 March 2013

Self Loathing

Bowing to Buddha became a compulsion; another added to my accumulating habits. i threw out my arms with a hollow pop – broke up a nest about the neck - cracking joints, knuckles – nose – ears - toes. Stretching tendons below blubbery fat. In the mirror – i uproot clusters blackheads from the corner of my nose – squirm like worms. Flecking my reflection with yellow grime. Capillary - clown.

i choked the toilet - a turd the size of a infants arm. Flush – gargling struggle, just shy of an overflow - bluish shit – acidic -sulphur lingering.

i brush my teeth spiting out a mint pink froth, as i showered. Scrubbing my skin under hot water, scooping smegma from my penis - flicking it away with my other hand. Steam breathing life into dried phlegm clotting the plughole - sinewy hair.

i dried myself thoroughly. Soup skim scabs i plucked from crack hands. Leaving small white flecked red lesions. i pulled up a pair of briefs and got into bed – Valium -10mg - 5am.

1 comment:

  1. Putting the disgust back in disgusting- an orgy of delight in physical grotesqerie thinly veiling psychological contempt, of yourself or possibly your audience- satisfyingly subversive. (think this one would read better in present tense, maybe?)