Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Adephagia Consumes

Gorging herself on junk had left its mark. Her head had sunk into multiple rolls of congealed fat where it protruded like a ripe pimple. Clutching at the phone she dialed: not a hum the line - dead. Had she chewed through the cable-line last night in a fit hunger? Probably. Housebound in her condominium, the rooms stank of unwashed body and garbage, dried feces peppered the walls, curtains drawn and TV blinkered in constant stream of adverts, falling stocks and breaking news. Diabetes had left an ulcer the size of Ireland on her foot and a boil the size of England on her arse. Her eyes sunk bleakly. Bluish vascular limbs had long since collapsed, her backside one now with the couch. The cupboards yawned opened toothless, phlegm green fungus was the only thing filling the fridge. Trash littered the place - soup cans, dog food tins, plastic bottles - coca-cola, mayonnaise, ketchup anything with a lid - sucked and spat out dry. Menus adorned the walls pinned smeared and yellowing with age. Greek, Asian, Mexican, Italian even Scandinavian. A consuming hunger reigned. Options up, she gripped hold of her half starved pup Dollar by his fur, any feelings of guilt, overridden by an insatiable greed. Her huge month quickly engulfing the oblivious animal, just a yelp before her vice-like jaw broke its spine in two, rupturing it's gut - bloody diarrhea spewed out from its month and anus, in projectile squirts. Delicious secretions lapped up with zest. Slimy innards sucked up like tripe spaghetti, the worm lined bowel burst, as tears streamed down her face. Ten minutes later, and briefly satisfied. She picked fur from her teeth. The dog was easily swallowed, but hard to digest: Indigestion. Aching hunger intolerable. Adephagia dripped in the Sicilian heat stewing in her own juices. Her blood pumped, plump-pulsating skin-thin sausage like flesh full and meaty. Swine fingers... A pang hunger again, again, again. Staring at the empty remains of almost everything, she unthinkingly eased her arm into an ever widening mouth, and began to consume herself.

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